The Spca Wish-fulfilled-list

January 2018

The SPCA Cape of Good Hope’s mobile team doesn’t blink twice at reacting to over 70 cruelty & distress calls each and every day. With a control room that’s open 24 hours a day, it is no wonder the organization put out an equipment wish list to aid their mobile team members with items such as control poles, leatherman tools and rescue nets. We are delighted to announce that the list has been fulfilled by Mr Mark Jowell of Cleveland Ohio as a tribute to his late mother Phyliss Jowell “whose home and heart were always open to people and animals”.

Honouring A Remarkable South African

January 2018

We bid South African icon and international jazz musician, Hugh Masekela, a musical farewell. Although it pains us that someone of his musical calibre has departed, it brings us great joy to recognize the achievements that this inspirational African legend left in his wake. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Hugh Masekela 4 1939 – 23 January 2018 your passion plays on in your music.

Food For The First 100 Days Of School Of 2018!

January 2018

The first day back at school is always a day filled with excitement and the promise of a better year. The Tafelsig Primary School do their utmost to transcend this belief, and to them it all starts in the kitchen. Everyday this school’s kitchen staff feeds 120 pupils because they know that learning is easier with a full belly. Inspired by these actions in 2017, began a breakfast fund. We are thrilled to have surprised the school on their first day back with a delivery of one hundred 10kg bags of maize porridge. Knowledge starts with the most important meal of the day.

Incoming! Emergency Water Tanks For Animal Welfare

January 2018

Every Capetonian knows the extremity of the water situation as the city inches toward dreaded day zero. The water restrictions are harsh with residents being encouraged to save water, limit their shower time and flush as little as possible. If the situation is this dire for its residents one can only imagine how much our animals are going to suffer. In anticipation of the water shortages we have managed to secure two 5,000 liter water tanks for the AACL's Animal Hospital in Epping, currently en route from George in the South Western Cape. We aim to do as much as we can to ease the impact that this water shortage will have on our animals.

Things we love, a youtube channel

January 2018

Social media is no longer just a means to eradicate boredom, it’s the way we live our lives, it’s how we stay in touch with world events and each other. We don’t just scroll to find out more information; we are all searching for something. We’re looking for that burst of inspiration, that creative injection to fuel our modern imaginations. Introducing something worthy of your precious time: ‘Things We Love’, a curated Youtube channel of things we love and of the bright side of humanity.

A Public Plea For Cat Food

January 2018

As you can imagine cats aren’t the easiest patients to have, they tend to like to do things their own way and are quick to snub food if they don’t feel well. This is why the Anti Animal Cruelty League Cape Town has broadcasted a public plea for wet cat food donations. It’s highly palatable and ensures these sick felines get the nutrition to spear head their healing process.

We are happy to announce that 750 packets of Whiska’s were delivered by our team to the busy hospital ward of the AACL in Epping.

For more information about the Epping cattery or to find out how you can get involved please visit

Project Update: Kitchen crew to become trained fire fighters

December 2017

It’s official, the Tafelsig Primary Schools’ Kitchen staff have passed their Fire Safety Training at Safetech’s Bellville facility. These wonderful kitchen ladies are certified to extinguish more then a grumble in 100 tummies every morning. Well done to them! We are thrilled to have been part of making their kitchen a safer place.

10,000 Liters of Emergency Water For Animal Welfare

December 2017

The tightening of Cape Towns water rationing belts over the past few months has preempted our water drive for animal welfare. We are happy to have brought 10 000 liters of relief, split evenly, to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA and the AACL. Thank you to our project grantors and team of volunteers for helping us achieve this massive milestone.

200 children make an Elliefriend

December 2017

Inspired by a very special little character, has created a blankie fund called Elliefriend. The fund supplies our range of uplifting and comforting baby blankets to registered baby sanctuaries in Africa. Elliefriend is more then a charity blanket, Elliefriend is a cuddle buddy whose design is aimed to help little ones through the long nights. Our first Shipment went to Cotlands Baby Sanctuary in Macassar. 200 blankies were delivered to children who could really use an Elliefriend.

A breakfast fund

December 2017

Children come to school to learn and although learning can be challenging when children come to school hungry it becomes extra difficult to focus in class. We created a breakfast fund to provide schools with porridge because fuller tummies mean fuller concentration and a better chance at achieving a better future.

Hardware for data literacy in the Western Cape

December 2017

Technology is the only aspect of the future that is certain to stay, which is why data literacy training is an area we are so keen to develop. We are happy to have set the wheel in motion by delivering and setting up 10 caretech work stations at {code}bridge – a civic tech incubator in Cape Town

Introducing Goal Based Social Investing

December 2017

" When talking about philanthropy we are essentially talking about BIG needs, be it globally or in our own backyard. By setting simplified goals, the philanthropic mountain of big needs and limited resources becomes more achievable and more doable. Creating goal based aims means maximum impact as less people are daunted by the task at hand. Inspired by a fitness app has created a unique way to view philanthropic data: The Goodgauge. It is our hope that other charitable organisations will also use this digital tool to measure and communicate their acts of kindness." — Gerrit Schmidt III (founder,

Kitchen crew to become trained fire fighters

November 2017

The kitchen staff at Talefsig primary school have their hands full every morning where they cook over 100 meals for the pupils. Kitchens may be the creators of full happy tummies but with flammable liquids and gas, it is also a danger zone. We are excited to be able to have lent a helping hand by booking and paying for these wonderful women to attend a live fire demo over the December holidays. Soon they will have knowledge to put out hunger in small bellies and fires in small kitchens.

Applause for Paws Charity Auction!

November 2017

AACL-CT in collaboration with Carecube and The Vredenheim Estate are proud to announce that the charity evening fetched a whopping ZAR 160,000 for animal welfare in the Western Cape. Well done to Dr Prinsloo and her team for putting together such a meaningful event!

Cape of Good Hope SPCA needs new equipment

November 2017

The year is coming to a close and with it the start of the holiday season. It might be great for the rest of us but for the SPCA’s Mobile Inspectors, it’s the toughest season of the year. Show some compassion and help us fulfill their equipment wish list, which includes everything from animal nets to torches. We aim to deliver the new equipment by the end of this month, help us get there.

10,000 Warm Meals!

November 2017

Last month Carecube stocked the kitchen supplies cupboard with one hundred 10kg bags of maize for the pupils of Tafelsig primary school. That’s just over 3 months of stock for this school in Mitchel’s Plain. Since our goal is to provide them with a full years supply we only have 9 months left to cover. Help us get there by sponsoring a bag today.

Keeping animal welfare water supply afloat

November 2017

As if the water restrictions and rationing aren’t affecting us humans enough, it’s a dog eat dog world out there for our animal’s in the Western Cape. In a bid to provide some aid to animal welfare institutes Carecube has launched a water relief fund. Last week we delivered 500 liters to the AACL with the help of our friends at the Ashrome group. Support our initiative and sponsor a liter today!

Good news story from a rooftop in Macassar

November 2017

Last month, help found its way to a family in Macassar with arguably the leakiest roof we’ve ever seen. They had been surviving off of pure ingenuity but a roof can only endure so many paint cans to catch the drips.

First Aid Training Workshops

November 2017

We're excited to announce that our next first aid training workshop for school teachers will be taking place on the 28th of November! First aid training saves lives. We are are determined to reach our goal of empowering 100 school teachers with the basic skills to handle everyday medical emergencies on the playground and in the classrooms.

Porridge delivery for Tafelsig Primary School

August 2017

It’s a typical weekday morning and before the rest of us have rubbed the sleep from our eyes Monica has already begun preparing breakfast for the children of Tafelsig Primary School in Mitchels plain. 100 meals meet 100 happy mouths by 10am every morning. It’s initiatives like Monica and her teams’ that show how small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on a community. is a proud supporter of Tafelsig Primary School. A special thank you to our community representative Erefaan Pearce and Ashley Van Niekerk.

2017 Animal Hospital Project Completed!

August 2017

We are excited to announce that our Animal Hospital Project has officially been completed. Over the past three months has provided state of the art medical equipment as well as coordinated a number of upgrades to the AACL Epping animal Hospital. We are thrilled to have been able to provide valuable support to Dr Hlalele and her team as they tackle the stresses of caring for the welfare of animals in the Western Cape. Thank you to our project grantors the Jowell Family, Ashrome Group, Lemon Tree Trust and Schmidt Family Office.

For more information about the Animal Anti Cruelty League and their initiatives please visit

2017 Epping Animal Hospital Project Video

August 2017

A First Aid Popup (Work)shop!

August 2017

In South Africa specialized skills training is considered a luxury especially when many schools in lower income areas are struggling to keep the lights on, the water running and books on the shelves. Playgrounds are fun places but they aren’t just fun and games, things can go wrong very quickly.

Last month we held our first First Aid pop up work shop facilitated by Safetech, a registered health and safety organization. Without this kind of specialized training there is little capability to handle situations such as choking, epileptic attacks or wound care.

It is our ambition to empower schools through their teachers. Pop ups like this is an investment in our teachers to be the guardians of our children’s minds and their safety.

Save the date!

Paint and supplies for Heartlands

August 2017

The team did a bit of shopping for an upcoming workday at Hearlands Baby Sanctuary with Jacques Becker our project representative. We hope that the lovely green paint that they chose will brighten up their wonderful facility in Somerset West. For more information about Heartlands and how you can get involved please visit their website at www.heartlands

100 pack diaper drop for Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

September 2017

Heartlands is a very special place for us. For those of you who aren't familiar with the organization, Heartlands is located in Somerset West in the Western Cape and is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Paediatric Hospice. They provide short term residential care for abandoned, abused, neglected children and children diagnosed with life limiting and life threatening illnesses such as Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis and other illnesses.

Everybody needs a helping hand somewhere along the line, lend yours and donate to keep this wonderful team of people doing extraordinary things.

AACL Epping Animal Hospital

September 2017

We are excited to announce that our Animal Hospital Project has officially been completed. Over the past three months has coordinated a number of upgrades as well as provided state of the art medical equipment to the facility. It is our hope and ambition to make life a little easier for Dr Hlalele and her exceptional team as they tackle the stresses and struggles that comes with caring for the welfare of animals in the Western Cape.

Welcome aboard

September 2017 is pleased to announce that we have appointed MGI Bass Gordon as our independent auditors. The Cape Town based firm dates back to 1935 and has since grown to a firm of ten partners and over 100 personnel. Their commitment to quality, integrity and personal service truly resonated with us and we look forward to the journey with Susan van der Valk and her team.

A recycling project

September 2017

Recycling is the world’s answer to so much unnecessary waste and although most of us are happy to hear that’s its gaining momentum, we can’t even think of adding one more thing to our busy lives. is currently en route to a solution by creating a time-saving recycling box and we can’t wait for our prototype to arrive! Soon “those people that recycle” will become “we who recycle”.

Paris Marathon April 2018

September 2017 has been offered the opportunity to become a official charity partner for the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon. Not only does this mean we have the chance to put an amateur squad together for the marathon but it also gives us and the organisations we support the platform to receive more aid and assistance.

Sleeping bags for the homeless by

August 2017

Inspired by the freezing temperatures that hit the southern regions of South Africa over the past weeks, this August gifted 50 sleeping bags via an amazing organization called Street Sleeper. This innovative organization up-cycles discarded advertising billboards into durable sleeping bags for the homeless. For more information about their products and inspiring work please visit their website.

Animal Hospital Project Update

August 2017

Our contractors have been rather busy! The renovations of the operating theatre at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League's Epping Hospital are still underway and we are delighted to confirm that their new state of the art operating table has been delivered. We look forward to keeping you posted as the project progresses.

A recycling [box] project and a sneak peak

August 2017

We can all do a bit more to embrace a culture of recycling at home and at the office. With recycling bins being collected by local municipalities on a weekly basis one really has no excuse to not fill a bin!

Half a ton of water for Knysna

July 2017

Given the ongoing water crisis in Knysna and a desperate plea for community support broadcasted in an article last week on News24 the team responded with a quick delivery of bottled water to the Knysna Fire Department. #ubuntu

Project update

July 2017

The renovation of the operating theatre kicked off last week at the Animal Anti-Cruelty League's Epping Hospital. All of their snazzy new medical equipment has been paid and will be delivered in stages over the next couple of weeks. We're so excited about this and look forward to sharing some pics soon!

2,000 Breakfasts

June 2017

Last week Friday facilitated the delivery of two thousand instant breakfasts to the De Waveren Primary School in Ruyterwacht on behalf of Jonah Jowell from Cleveland Ohio on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah. This wonderful donation by Mr Jowell will benefit the children on the school's feeding program for the entire month of June. The team would like to thank @makro_sa for their great service.