A non-profit platform

We started out by distributing care packages in aid of disaster relief initiatives and called them carecubes. Now we have become a platform for philanthropy with our own independent projects

Computers for skills development

Although everything seems just a click away, technologically the majority of the African population are a few steps behind. Introducing Caretech Workstations: our initiative to catapult training and innovation in code schools and civic incubators using…

  Skills Development Sector

School food for primary schools

Our food initiative is aimed at providing school food for children from lower income communities. We assist primary schools by supplying their kitchens with bulk orders of oat porridge so that their staff can provide pupils with warm and nutritious…

  Public School Sector

Comforting blankets for distressed infants

We design and distribute the friendliest charity blanket called Elliefriend to registered baby sanctuaries. A plush baby blankie designed by our team to comfort little ones in need. Distributed exclusively to registered baby sanctuaries.

  Child welfare sector

Emergency water for animal welfare

Our land knows an unquenchable thirst and soon our animals will too. This initiative supplies 5L bottles of safe drinking water to animal welfare organizations for medical and consumptive use. Help our furry friends who without us will reach Day Zero…

  Animal welfare sector

Vaccinations for animal welfare

Carebooster provides low income communities with 5 in 1 vaccinations for their pets through mobile animal clinics and animal welfare hospitals. Animals are given the opportunity to receive a follow up booster shot to keep them protected from disease…

  Animal welfare sector